The main directions and forms of humanitarian cooperation are: organization of the events for significant dates in Ukrainian history; promotion of the achievements of Ukrainian culture; cooperation with the Ukrainian community.

The main event in the Ukrainian-Montenegrin humanitarian cooperation was a cultural project to erect the monument of Taras Shevchenko in Podgorica and Peter II Petrovic Njegos in Kiev.
Diplomatic branch office of Ukraine in Montenegro conducted an intensive campaign to inform the public about the Montenegrin Ukrainian culture, especially on the anniversaries of prominent Ukrainians.

On cultural and humanitarian levels were organized several events dedicated to the Independece of Ukraine anniversary, such as Days of Ukrainian folklore, exhibition of Ukrainian artist in Montenegrin towns : Zabljak, Savnik, Bar, Podgorica, plein air painters in Stoliv (Dani ukrajinskog folklora, izložbe ukrajinskih slikara u crnogorskim gradovima Žabljak, Šavnik, Bar, Podgorica, pleneri slikara u Stolivu), Ukrainian silent films day, Festival of balloons "Mongolferija”, “Open skies "in Montenegro and etc.
As a part of promoting of Ukrainian art, presentations of Ukrainian films have been organized in the cities of Montenegro. In August 2013, Ukrainian Silent Films Days were organized within the "Bar Chronicle", together with the Cultural Center of Bar. Ukranian Film Days were held in Podorica, in November 2013, supported by the Ukrainian State Agency for Cinematography and the National Center "O. Dovzhenko "in Podgorica. The latest films of Ukranian production were shown during this event.

According to the previous agreements between the State Archival Service of Ukraine and the State Archives of Montenegro in Cetinje, Bijelo Polje, Pljevlja, Kolasin and Niksic, exhibitions of archival documents on resettlement of Montenegrins on the territory of modern Ukraine have been staged.

The number of books has been increased in the libraries of the Ukrainian language and literature, in the National Library in Bijelo Polje and Pluzine, which are working as a part of the Faculty of Philosophy, The University of Montenegro.

In 2013, more than 20 exhibitions of Ukranian painters were staged in 15 cities of Montenegro, including Podgorica, Niksic, Budva, Bar, Tivat, Pljevlja etc.




Predrag Milović

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro