Employment of foreigners and stateless persons
According to the Constitution of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons residing in Ukraine on the legitimate grounds enjoy the same rights and freedom, and they are holders of the obligations as citizens of Ukraine, with the exceptions established by the Constitution, laws or international agreements of Ukraine.
This warranty applies to the right to employment of foreigners and stateless persons.
Labour Law of Ukraine provides for, among other things, that the employment of foreigners working in the Ukrainian enterprises, institutions and organizations, is regulated by State Laws in which the person is employed and by the international agreements of Ukraine.
Law of Ukraine on the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons provides that foreigners and stateless persons with permanent residence in Ukraine, as well as persons with refugee status have the right to work in enterprises, institutions and organizations, on the basis and in the manner prescribed for the citizens of Ukraine.
It should be noted that the document which confirms the right of a foreigner or a stateless person for permanent residence in Ukraine - a permit for permanent residence, a certificate confirming the status of refugees - refugees confirmation.
Therefore, foreign citizens are subject to all rights and obligations arising from Labor Law of Ukraine, if the international agreement provides otherwise.
It should also be noted that Law on Employment of Ukraine provides specification of employment of foreigners and stateless persons.
Article 8 of this Law stipulates that employers have the right to employ a foreigner and stateless persons on the basis of an employment contract only if the employer has a license of the State Employment Office  on the employment of foreigners and stateless persons, unless otherwise is  provided for by international agreements, ratified by the Parliament of Ukraine.
The procedure for issuing, extending and cancellation of work permits for foreigners and stateless persons, is approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine since April 8 2009. № 322
This procedure defines the procedure for issuing, extending and cancellation of work permits for foreigners and stateless persons. An employer who employs a foreigner collects and submits doocuments required to obtain permits for foreigners.

Predrag Milović

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro