The strategic objective of the foreign policy of Ukraine - European and Euro-Atlantic integration, the formation of strategic partnerships with the European Union, the USA, cooperation with the member states of the Community of Independent States (CIS), active participation in the programs of the UN and other international organizations in order to ensure its effective participation in the global scene, with maximum protection of national interests and strenghting of regional role.

In foreign policy of Ukraine there are a number of priorities.

European integration

European integrations are key priority, which include a whole range of internal and external objectives of Ukraine, for the purpose of moving towards the European Union and the creation of necessary conditions for entering the EU. Diplomatic support to the completion of the accession of Ukraine to the World Trade Organisation (May 16 2008), was absolutely vital to the process of European integration. After that, in 2006, the beginning of first stage of EU integration was proposed to Ukraine by the creating a free trade zone.

Relations Ukraine - NATO

Relations between Ukraine and NATO are based on protecting the interests of safety, participation in the creation of the Euro-Atlantic area of stability and security, the gradual integration of Ukraine into NATO. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to use the mechanisms of cooperation with NATO, including the Action Plan and Annual Plan targets (from 2005 - in the framework of intensified dialogue).

The development of bilateral relations

At the bilateral level, Ukraine is trying to exploit the full potential of the strategic partnership based on mutual interests and mutual approach to relations with the United States, Russia and Poland. It also strives to achieve and maintain good relations with neighboring countries, respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity. Ukraine will continue to promote European values ​​in the region, including active participation in conflict resolution.

Participation in international organizations

Ukraine takes an active multilateral policy in the framework of global and regional organizations. Participation in the UN aims, above all, the promotion of the interests of Ukraine in making the most important decisions of the international community. Activities within the OSCE will remain an important factor in deepening and expanding regional and global stability and security.

Trade development

An important priority for the strategic interests of Ukraine is expansion of economic presence on both traditional as well as on new markets for Ukrainian goods and services in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Protecting the rights of Ukrainians

Continuing priority of foreign policy and diplomatic-consular network of Ukraine is to protect its citizens abroad and ensuring the rights of the Ukrainian diaspora.

Predrag Milović

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro