The Paper Defense Competition at the Department of Linguistics is closed
On April 14, the best young linguists received well-deserved awards. The Head of the National Center “Minor Academy of Science”, Oksen LISOVYI, started the solemn closing ceremony. He said that the linguists are the people who open the door to new countries, who integrate our country into the world. It is important especially now, when such opportunities have arisen from a political standpoint. The role of linguists is very important, as being the best representatives who can easily communicate with the citizens of other countries. Oksen LISOVYI expressed hope for linguists to adequately represent Ukraine showing excellent knowledge of foreign language, as well as beingbrilliant in Ukranian. He summoned the participants to love the Ukraninan language, to develop it and to do everything to strengten it in our country, and to be always proud to speak it in our country and abroad.
The President of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Stanislav DOVGYI, joined in congratulations, presented portal about Taras Shevchenko “Kobzar.ua” to the youth and pointed out that the present finalist can assist in translation of the portal in other languages.
Moreover, there is a potential in these young people. Therefore, as the Head of the Jury of Department of German, Professor of Foreign languages ​​ Chair of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Geography of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Doctor of Philological Sciences Svitlana IVANENKO pointed out, the competition in Linguistic department linguistics expects fluency in the foreign language which is used while defending the paper.
She notes that all the participants coped with German and did their work very well. She added that juries found difficult to define the winner between two participants. They were of the opinion that there is no difference in 0,5 pts between the first and the second place, so they reached a decision to announce two first places.
One of the winners, the student of the 9th grade of Ivano-Frankivsk ymnasium 1, Denys TKACHIVSKIY, assured that the defense was the most difficult for him.
He had to show what he did and how he did it. The defense was in German, which was not problem for him, but the questions after that were quite difficult, especially the one from his main concurrent Victor, who also won the first prize.
The head of the jury of the Linguistic Department, Professor, the Head of Ukrainian Chair of Anriy Malyshko Institute of Ukrainian Philology and Literary Creativity of National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Doctor Philological Sciences Maria PLIUSHSCH shares the same opinion with Svitlana. She noted noted that all the departments worked on urgent questions. Maria Jakivna stated that there were no renderings anymore or the preparations for something that might be scientific. The students properly approach to the analysis of linguo-stylistic peculiarities, to grammar, speech, text problems.
The jury of Department of Spanish, research worker of Shevchenko Institute of Literature of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, editor-in-chief of “Vsesvit” magazine, member of Spanish Specialists Association of Ukraine, Candidate of Philological Sciences Dmytro DROZDOVSKYI is assured that during last four days he communicated with talented children who will join the number of linguists. He noted that among the creative circle of Spanish specialists all the members joined it by the call of their heart; there are no random people there. The presentations of participants proved that. He added that Spanish is a little crazy language; it reveals the absolute expression of spirit.
The Deputy Head of the Institute of the Ukrainian Language of NASU Nina HORHOLIUK also expressed hope that young philologists will follow the steps of today’s experienced and respectable scientists.
She added that the IUL will be very happy to open its doors in five years to these young scientists who will find pleasure in teaching. It’s very important that there will be no gap that can break the scientific succession. The Institute is waiting for the future linguists. Nina HORHOLIUK said that she believes in fact that the scientific atmosphere of the hall will stay in the souls of presents for a long time.
The expert of the “PASCH” project – “Schools: partners of future”, partner of MAcS Veikko FRAUENSTEIN and Honored Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro Predrag Milovic joined the congratulations and expressed the confidence that knowledge of languages gives a chance to broaden the boundaries of communication, insert person into the current intercultural environment. In particular, Mr. Milovic hopes that Ukrainian school children will be able to defend their works in Montenegrin. Well, it’s quite possible, because MAcS plans to amplify its linguistic departments with new sections in future.

Kiev, April 14, 2014

Predrag Milović

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro