The exhibition “Ukraine today” and reception on the occasion of 23rd Independence Day of Ukraine have been held in Niksic
The exhibition “Ukraine today” and reception on the occasion of 23rd Independence Day of Ukraine have been held on  2 September 2014 in Niksic, at the Folklore Society Zahumlye`s hall.
The ceremony was attended by the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro, ambassadors and diplomats of Azerbaijan, China, Greece, Poland, USA, Hungary, UNICEF and other countries and international organizations, and representatives of society and domestic NGO`s.
The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro, Mr. Predrag Milovich in his speech said that Ukraine is a country of peaceful, hard-working and good people, for the past 23 years it has been the most spacious country on the continent, and the potential granary of Europe and now known as a country of pain and suffering. “At the very end, because actually there is no other option, even the biggest hotheads of the war will realize that we do not have another home and that whole Europe is our shared garden. The garden of the house made of ideas, desires and with its natural basis – the dream. Just like the one that you turned into reality 23 years ago. Maybe this fire was everything you needed to light the heart of every European from both sides of some border, from both sides of a barrel pointed at the same, one and only, European heart. Over a century ago, and three quarters of the century ago, one mother saw how her loving sons dressed up in different uniforms, kept killing each other and destroying their own homes with no mercy, leaving deep scars and wounds, as painful as only brother can make to his own brother. Our small Balkan nation knows that feeling very well because those deep brotherhood wounds have not been healed yet. Do not pluck out already wounded heart of our suffering European mother. Give her the best you have from spacious souls of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, and Scandinavia.” – he said. He emphasized Montenegro is distant from Ukraine only by kilometers, but with her heart and soul is standing beside her, and wished Happy 23rd birthday! Mr. Milovich finished his speech with words: “Glory to Ukraine! May eternal be our Montenegro!”

Chargé d'Affaires of Ukraine in Montenegro, V.V. Cibulynik said that Ukraine celebrates its twenty-third anniversary in the conditions of aggression against her by Russia and that there are  complex tasks in front of the citizens of Ukraine - not only radical reforms of the country, but the defense of Ukraine, its integrity, freedom and future. "No one should doubt that we will persevere and win. Only under such conditions we can start with the active implementation of internal reforms and the main foreign policy priorities - EU integration" - he said. He also thanked to the Mayor of Niksic Mr. Grbovich, the Honorary Consul of Ukraine Mr. Milovich and Alfa center for the help in organizing cocktail and photography exhibition of Ukraine.

Download Speech of Mr Predrag Milovich, The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro
Niksic, September 2, 2014

Predrag Milović

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro