Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro, Predrag Milović, as a member of the Delegation of Ukraine attended the official events during the visit of the PM of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman, to the Republic of Turkey

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro, Predrag Milović, as a member of the Delegation of Ukraine attended the official events during the visit of the Prime Minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman, to the Republic of Turkey on 14th and 15th March 2017.

On the first day of his visit the Prime Minister met with the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the Prime Minister, Binali Yıldırım and the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, İsmail Kahraman.

On the second day of their visit the Delegation visited Istanbul where the Prime Minister met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I (Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch), participated in the Ukranian-Turkish Business Forum and held meetings with Ukranian and Crimean Tatar communities in the Republic of Turkey.

During the visit the Bilateral Agreement between Ukraine and Turkey has been signed that will allow the citizens of these two countries to travel without passports but with new identity cards. The implementation of the Agreement shall intensify the bilateral relations between these two countries in social, cultural, humanitarian sphere and other fields

The Memorandum which has been signed by the Minister of Education and Science, Liliya Mykhailivna Hrynevych and the President of the Council of Higher Education, Yekta Saraç, envisages the creation of mutual Bachelor's, Master's and Postgraduate programs in strategically important fields of nuclear energy, nuclear safety, technologies for aviation and Outer Space, the support in education and learning the Ukranian and Turkish language, the implementation of Academic Exchange Program etc.

The Presidents of both Governments stated that their countries don't fully use the potentials of bilateral cooperation. According to their opinion the most promising fields of coopreation are defence, agriculture and aviation.

Ukraine and Turkey have the necessary advanced technologies which could jointly produce competitive aircraft, quiality ones and demanded on the aircraft market.

Ukraine is also interested in expanding the cooperation in the filed of information technology and therefore the Prime Miniter proposed the opening of a representation office of one of the biggest Turkish broadcasting company TRT in Ukraine with Ukranian editorial board within its composition which would prepare shows in Ukranian and Crimean Tatar.

Ukraine has also supported Turkey in terms of creation of underground gas storage facility at Lake Tuz and showed willingness to the share with it the experience in construction and usage of such infrastructure facilities.

One of the strategic directons of bilateral cooperation is certainly tourism. Ukraine hopes the exhange of tourists between Turkey and Ukraine will increase and in this context the Prime Ministers expressed the need to increase the number of flights on the previous airline routes as well as to open new airline routes including regional airports.

Ukranian Prime Minister expressed his appreciation to Turkey for the support to the current reforms, particularly in the sphere of economy, that are going on at this time.

The signing of Free Trade Agreement between Ukraine and Turkey will contribute to activation of trade exchange. It is of utmost importance to sign the audited Agreement for double taxation avoidance and Agreement for mutual protection of investments.

In terms of Russian agreession in Ukraine, the Prime Minister has expressed his thanks to Turkey for its consistent support to territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine. The Prime Minister has pointed out that the restoration of authorities to Russian Delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe is unacceptable and that the sanctions against the Russian Federation must remain in force.

Having attended the opening ceremony of the photo exhibition dedicated to the anniversary of the occupation of Crimea, the Prime Minister pointed out that in all this time the most beautiful tourist destinationon changed into a militarized territory where there is no right to religion, democracy and freedom, and as a result of the occupation tens of thousands of Crimean Tatars were forced to leave their homes.

At a meeting with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I (Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch) the Prime Minister has highly evaluated the role of the The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople and Bartholomew I himself for the support for the unity of the Ukrainian Orthodoxy. The Prime Minister expressed his thanks to the Ecumenical Patriarch on his wisdom, blessing and his love for Ukraine and particularly to his attention and effort in addressing the current situation in Ukraine and the support to Ukrainian people under the conditions of Russian aggression.

He pointed out the significance of The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in holding the Great Orthodox Parliament in Crete in June 2016 which became a remarkable event for the World Orthodoxy

Ukrainian Prime Minister paid a visit to the Church of St. George during his visit.

In Istanbul the The Prime Minister attended the opening ceremony of the Ukrainian -Turkish Business Forum where he met with the representatives of leading business foundations of the Turkish Republic.

On the agenda for 2017, Ukraine and Turkey have three important objectives: the signing of the Free Trade Agreement, the signing of the audited Agreement on mutual promotion and protection of investments and the Agreement on double taxation avoidance and prevention of fiscal evasion in relation to income taxes and property taxes. In addition, the Government aims to increase the volume of trade turnover between Ukraine and Turkey to $ 20 billion compared to $ 3 billion in 2016.

According to the results for 2016 the economic growth rose by 4.7% of GDP, which means that Ukrainian economy is starting the process of recovery. The government has established a National Committee for Industrial Development whose main task is to restore industrial strenght and to modernize Ukraine. The Office to attract and support investment aims to monitor and support the processes of investment in Ukraine. During the meeting with businessmen from Turkey the Prime Minister said that even today the real operating condition, which can ensure the success to those who invest in Ukraine, had already been made.

The processs of large privatisaion of state-owned enterprises will be soon initiated in Ukraine.

Besides the official program, the Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro, Predrag Milovic and the Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Ukraine Stanislav Dovgy held a series of informal meetings with the members of the Council of Tosyali Holding – the electric processing industry and trade, Serif Tosyali and a member of the Council of ASTAY company that deals with real estate and construction, Hulusi Toprak. During their conversation most of the time was dedicated to possible cooperation in the fields of metallurgy, energy and construction, but also in finding other areas of cooperation between Turkey, Ukraine and Montenegro having regard to the newly created favorable conditions for investment in these countries.

Predrag Milović expressed his great satisfaction that Tosyali Holding is present in Nikšić. He pointed out the importance of creating more vacancies in Tosçelik in Nikšić and congratulated Serif Tosyali on his title of honorary citizen of Montenegro, as an expression of gratitude of the Government of Montenegro for the significant contribution to the economic development of the country.

Stanislav Dovgy spoke to the audience about the possibilities of research, production and placement in the field of metallurgical industry in Ukraine. The Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro, Predrag Milović presented the achievements of his companies to the audience in the fields of planning, construction and IT technology, particularly emphasizing favorable conditions for investment created by the Government of Montenegro.

Hulusi Toprak speaking about the development plans of his company expressed a special interest in cooperation with Montenegro and Ukraine in the field of construction.

At the end, the visit of Ukrainian Delegation which was headed by Prime Minister Groysman was evaluated as a very successful one and they expressed mutual satisfaction with the visit. The implementation of the agreed issues would greatly contribute to the further rapid development of Ukrainian economy and increase of its competitiveness in more demanding global market.

Istanbul, March 14-15, 2017

Predrag Milović

Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Montenegro